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Monica Motley Yoga




Monica encourages students to challenge the physical body while calming the mind and spirit — leaving them feeling stronger, more energized, and more balanced.


Practice With Monica

Practice in-person with Monica at a yoga studio in Ellicott City, MD.


Recorded anytime, anywhere weekday and weekend classes.


Monica occasionally offers outdoor pop-up classes. 

Student Testimonials

Monica got me into yoga poses that I always wished I could do. She is alignment focused and physically strong. Further, Monica’s classes inspire the mind, body, and spirit.

Deborah T.

Monica is one of the most inspiring, knowledgeable, and fun yoga teachers I've practiced with. Her enthusiasm and exciting teaching style have given me a lifelong passion for yoga.

Alex R.

Inspiring, encouraging, loving and most of all challenging. Her style is unique by combining  cardio, strength training, and dance-like movement in sync with breath and music. Awesome  work out, fantastic teacher, leave class feeling wonderful!

Kathleen C.

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